The purpose of the program is to strengthen the competencies of business incubators and create conditions for the growth of high-quality start-ups that can grow into large technology companies

Business Incubator Support Program

Business incubation


Development of business incubation ecosystem, support for technology entrepreneurship

For Applicants

To participate in the competitive selection you can download the following documents:

Detailed presentation Documents for participation
A legal entity operating in the Republic of Kazakhstan and applying for participation in the competitive selection of business incubators. Business Incubator - a legal entity created to support small businesses at the stage of their formation by providing industrial premises, equipment, organizational, legal, financial, consulting and information services.
Main requirements

Business incubators meet the following requirements:

  1. availability of administrative premises suitable for placement of residents of a business incubator in the amount of not less than 250 sq. m.
  2. availability of qualified personnel
  3. financial solvency, which allows to fully operate for at least six months without state support
  4. partnerships with institutions of higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, confirmed by cooperation agreements on support and development of start-ups.

The financing of business incubator activities is provided through the operating activities of the business incubators themselves or by the founders / owners of business incubators. At the same time, business incubators receive co-financing of expenses in the amount of up to 50%, but not more than 35,000,000 tenge within 12 months from the date of the conclusion of the Agreement.

The amount of co-financing does not exceed 50% for each cost item:

  1. the wage fund
  2. rent of administrative premises
  3. utilities, including communication services (Internet, telephony, mail)
  4. services of third parties attracted to ensure the selection and maintenance of industrial-innovative projects, the organization of training events, internships for business incubators and their residents on the development of business competencies, and related costs (including transportation and travel expenses)
Business Incubator Functions

Business Incubators should perform the following functions:


Business Incubation Outreach


Search and selection of projects for further support in the framework of the business incubator


Conclusion of cooperation agreements and / or agreements on the provision of business incubation services with potential residents of a business incubator


Implementation of the administrative, consulting and methodological support of the activities of small businesses


Assistance in the formation of applications for residents to receive a business incubator of financing, including through state support tools


Providing access to information and expert resources for residents of a business incubator


Organization of training seminars, including internships in successful companies, trainings on various topics, forums for the exchange of experience


Assistance in finding specialists and forming a team for small businesses


Provision of rental services for administrative and / or production premises


Formation of information and analytical database on the development of small businesses in the business incubator


Acceleration of business projects of residents of business incubators for subsequent access to potential sales markets for goods and services


Diagnostics and financial modeling of business projects of small businesses to determine their commercial attractiveness

Advantages of the program for business incubators

Support measures


Competition process:


Call for Proposals (from June 14 to July 3, 2018)


Filing an application


Consideration of the application (within 10 working days)


The Commission (consists of foreign experts, representatives of state bodies, entrepreneurs) makes a decision


Conclusion of a contract


Monitoring the achievement of KPI by a business incubator



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