The "Research" Unit

QazTech Ventures JSC is a national development Institute and provides services in the field of analytical and foresight research

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Conducting analytical research

QazTech Ventures JSC has a large database of reports on various areas of innovation and technology. The Company participated in the development of strategic policy documents such as the Strategic development plan of Kazakhstan till 2025, the State program "Digital Kazakhstan", State program of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan for the years 2020-2025, the Program "Leaders of competitiveness of the National Champions 2.0". In addition, the Company has an experience in conducting research in various industries and economy sectors, the performance analysis of measures of state support to industrial and innovative activity, and researches that have been conducted jointly with international organizations such as OECD and UNECE. QazTech Ventures JSC also participated in the development of the Commercial Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the law "On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on venture financing and other regulatory legal acts on industrial and innovative activities". Thus, the Company has all the necessary competencies to conduct high-quality analytical research in the field of innovation and technology development, as well as identify new opportunities for long-term development and policy planning.

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In the context of Kazakhstan with a developing system of start-ups, increasing foreign investment and expanding the private sector, the use of new modern forecasting methodologies will contribute to effective planning to accelerate the country's social and economic development. In addition, Covid-19 had a strong impact on changing priorities, and gave an impetus to the formation of new habits. Our research answers the question of what the new reality will be and how to prepare for it today.

Thus, our goal is to help our clients understand what the new reality will be.

To do this:

  • We will analyze technological needs, legislative and institutional barriers, as well as other key threats and drivers of recovery in various sectors of the economy.

  • Identify breakthrough ideas and new opportunities in the industry that can change the current business model.

  • We will develop possible scenarios for development, and even scenarios for overcoming the crisis, taking into account the satisfaction of all interested parties.


Foresight research is the study of possible, probable, and preferred futures in specific social, cultural, and economic settings. Research data shows trends that may continue to change. Many leading countries around the world use foresight tools for long-term development and policy planning.


In November 2019, QazTech Ventures JSC held the first foresight session at the government level together with the Asian development Bank on the topic: "Development of long-term competitiveness of Kazakhstan". The event was attended by more than 50 representatives of ministries, national companies and holdings, as well as other organizations of the quasi-public sector.

The foresight was conducted in 5 working areas:

  1. Infrastructure for the development of agriculture, and otherwise.

  2. Tourism as a key factor contributing to economic growth.

  3. Use of smart city-level solutions for waste management.

  4. Foresight initiatives for industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan.

  5. Improving competitiveness through regional cooperation.

In March this year, in Almaty, the Kazakh National Agrarian University together with the Asian development Bank conducted a Forum on innovations in the field of agriculture, which purpose was to identify agricultural problems and technological solutions. The Forum was attended by leading international experts, representatives of government agencies and organizations, enterprises, academia, farmers and startups in the field of agriculture.

During the Forum, using the Foresight long-term planning tool, participants identified industry problems, political, financial and market trends that limit the technological development of agriculture, considered technological solutions, and developed a plan to achieve the desired future development of the agricultural sector.

As a result, a Memorandum between QazTech Ventures JSC and KazNAU was signed, within which the Company will assist in increasing the investment attractiveness of the University's developments, which will have a direct impact on the development of the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan.


QazTech Ventures cooperates with the leading Russian organization in the field of foresight research - ANO NTI, as well as with key organizations of the Kazakhstan market - Qazaq Research Institute for Futures Studies and BTS Education

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Trending technologies in Agro-Industrial Complex
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