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QAZTECH VENTURES allows business angels to invest with the Fund before the Accelerator starts. The potential investor joins the same corporate agreement as the Fund at the same valuation. The minimum investment amount is calculated individually.

List of Kazakhstan

A mobile app that gives unlimited access to hundreds of fitness halls and online training programs. This allows you to completely replace the classic fitness club subscription and personal trainer services. In addition, users have access to a marketplace where services and products that are complementary to fitness are sold.

A marketplace for hospitals, doctors, and Wellness centers. Site visitors can find the best clinics in the world for their diagnosis, get primary information about treatment methods and cost, and we, in turn, help them organize treatment if they are interested. We can also organize a "Second opinion" - a video consultation with the best doctors.

A unique concept of an affordable smart home that provides security, resource conservation and comfort in your homes through smart IoT devices, while at the same time creating a smart resident ecosystem, through various services in the mobile app. We provide security with smart sensors for movement, leakage, fire and door opening. Our method of tracking energy and water costs helps you save your resources. And voice control, opening curtains and controlling TV and air conditioning will allow you to enjoy your time at home. We don't just connect all the electrical devices in your home. We also present app, which will give your family the opportunity to live in comfort, using the services of partners, and even help to be closer to each other through special features in the app. In this app you will be able to exchange messages, to build and keep track of family plans and tasks, cleaning and plumbing and much more.

Startups ready for

More than 78 startups waiting for your investment

Investment areas :

  • MARKETING - 11 startups

  • EDUCATION - 9 startups

  • FINTECH - 7 startups

  • TRANSPORTATION - 6 startups

  • REAL ESTATE - 5 startups

  • ENERGY - 5 startups

  • SPORTS - 4 startups

  • HEALTH - 3 startups

  • MEDIA - 3startups

  • TRAVEL - 2 startups

  • ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE - 2 startups

  • GAMING - 2 startups

  • ROBOTICS - 2 startups

  • et al

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