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Название проекта Основатели/ почта Официальный веб-страница Описание проекта Индустрия Дата поступления заявки
Провайдер.kz Amirov Bekzat Akhmetbekovich bekzat.amirov.93@gmail.com https://провайдер.kz Selection / comparison of providers on one site
IT tools 19.05.2020
SHTATKA Junusov Daniyar admin@shtatka.kz shtatka.kz Service for staff recruitment and job search
Recruiting 19.05.2020
TestAI Kosiyab Aslan Tolebayuly akossiyabek@gmail.com https://test-ai.best/ EdTech web platform for creating automated testers. AI creates tests from text or even audio and video content. The teacher just needs to upload the video file or provide a link to the live broadcast of the lecture. Teachers will pay monthly for using this web service.
Education 05.05.2020
prouslugi.info Esendauletov Syrym founder@prouslugi.info http://prouslugi.info/ http://prouslugi.info/ is an international (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan) Internet portal of paid and free advertisements (services, real estate sales, car sales, vacancies and job and private announcements) . This project includes four sites: PROUSLUGI, PRODOMA, PRORABOTY, PROAVTO and a mobile application
Marketing 19.05.2020
UVVI.kz Azhmakhanbetov Yerbolat
Kaskabassov Aibar
Iliyas Kabden
Uvvi.kz Microinvesting platform in financial markets for retail investors
FinTech 19.05.2020
IN-VR Dautaliev Darkhan Maratovich alina@gbsge.com no website yet V I R T U A L  R E A L I T Y S T R E A M I N G  P L AT F O R M Live broadcasting of training and events in virtual reality; Helps clients to feel the effect of presence and immerse  themselves in training / event; Users/clients save time, money and can use services from  anywhere in the world. At the same time, the benefits that users would have  received in person are not lost: involvement, concentration,  emotional immersion, clarity and scale of the image.

Sports 11.05.2020
Sway Pay Akbar Saliev
Sevket Seyalioglu
Teo Zuares
https://www.swaypay.io/ A CRM enabling text to buy throug any phone number
Travel 10.05.2020
Smart Gas intro presentation Bauyrzhan b.toley@smartzapravka.com http://smartgas.global/ We are changing outdated gas station into next level. System which unites private drivers, corporate fleets and gas stations
FinTech 06.05.2020
Gala Global Group Nadezhda galatranslations.com.kz • 13 years on the market
• Founders of the Kazakhstan Translation Academy
• Founders of the Association of Translators/Interpreters and Translation Companies of  Kazakhstan
• The strongest team of linguists, translators, editors
• 4 branches around Kazakhstan
• Customers and partners around the world
Digital transformations of theforensics in Almaty Erzhanov Amir
Andrey Beklemishev
https://www.idc.com/cis The goal of the project is to monetize the implementation of new innovative technologies using the service model, while attracting investors, national holdings, akimats, Universities of the country, domestic software development and large international IT companies with a world name for joint work, and without attracting budget funding.
Legal 09.04.2020
Buff tv Pitch Ekeledo Chiemeka
Carter Fulcher
https://bufftv.netlify.app/ Buff TV, provides subscription and advertising streaming services. It offers TV channels ,TV series, documentaries, and feature films across various genres and languages across the world. The company provides members the ability to receive streaming content through a host of Internet-connected screens, including TVs, television set-top boxes, and mobile devices at their own comfort. Buff Aims at building a community within TV series shows with live chat on each series/ episode.
Home living 17.04.2020
BeSmarket Azat Asetov, CEO, Digital Marketing
no website yet Simple system of placement of companies and their services on the  market place; Mutual rust between the customer and the performer through our system of objective evaluation; Various offers of B2B services; From consulting to IT and digital marketing.
Marketing 15.04.2020
Auto trade in - V3 Islamov Dilmurad dilmuratisl@gmail.com no website yet A single centralized solution for buying / selling cars in Kazakhstan according to the TRADE-IN system
Marketing 01.04.2020
1Fit - investor Deck Alikhanov Murat
Akshambayev Askar
Adilzhanov Meiyr
Toremuratuly Abzal
https://1fit.app 1 Fit is a mobile app that gives unlimited access to hundreds of fitness halls and online training programs. This allows you to
completely replace the classic fitness club subscription and personal trainer services. In addition, users have access to a marketplace where services and products that are complementary to fitness are sold.
Sports 28.04.2020
Winera Nursultan Adil no website yet Cybersport online tournaments, in following disciplines: CS go, Dota 2, PubG
Sports 06.05.2020
Sneg Nurbol Kurmangazin madiyar.sultanov@gmail.com snegapp.kz Marketplace for dry cleaners

Home living 06.05.2020
Smart ECG AIMYSHEV TEMIRGALI aimyshev@cmctech.pro smartecg.kz Vendor-neutral digitization of ECGs with AI for interpretation
Health 06.05.2020
Python RPA Mukhamejan Duzenov no website yet Robotic process automation platform
Robotics 06.05.2020
Prizeloop Daniyar Nurpeissov
prizeloop.net It's a professional giveaway tool. Our platform helps users in social networks to gain a solvent audience with the click of a button
Marketing 19.05.2020
NoOverload.io Nurlan Nurmanov Nurlan.Nurmanov@nooverload.io https://nooverload.io On demand enterprise workshops platform
Education 06.05.2020
CLICKlog Kamil Karimov
no website yet Cognitive robotic systems for supply chain optimization
Robotics 06.05.2020
Cerebra Zhusupov Doszhan cruigo93@gmail.com https://ailab.kz/ Cerebra is an automated artificial intelligence IT solution for the early diagnosis of acute brain stroke.
Project Advantages:
- Artificial intelligence embedded in the platform is able to recognize a stroke in the first 4.5 hours, which cannot be done to the human eye;
- Minimizing the risk of human error in the analysis of visual data of CT of the brain;
- Internal “social network” for quick exchange of visual data of patients between doctors;
- Synchronization with a mobile application for remote access to the platform anytime, anywhere.
Health 06.05.2020
Buhta.kz Maemir Rauan Armatuly
Nurpeisov Aset Kanatovich
www.buhta.kz Online Accounting
FinTech 06.05.2020
Antidolg no information no website yet Mediation platform which helps to collect up to 50% of uncollectible loans, in order to reduce the amount of debt for clients from one side and help online lending organizations to collect non-refundable part of the receivables from the other side
FinTech 06.05.2020
AILabs Anuar Sharafudinov https://ailab.kz/ This is an automated IT solution based on artificial intelligence for early diagnosis of acute brain stroke.
The benefits of the project:
- Artificial intelligence embedded in the platform is able to recognize a stroke in the first 4.5 hours, which is impossible for the human eye;
- Minimizing the risk of human error when analyzing visual CT data of the brain;
- Internal ""social network"" for quick exchange of visual data of patients between doctors;
- Sync with the mobile app for remote access to the platform at any time and anywhere.
Robotics 06.05.2020
All hospital Stanislav, Kamil https://allhospital.info/ru All Hospital-marketplace for hospitals, doctors, and Wellness centers. Site visitors can find the best clinics in the world for their diagnosis, get primary information about treatment methods and cost, and we, in turn, help them organize treatment if they are interested. We can also organize a "Second opinion" - a video consultation with the best doctors.
Health 31.03.2020
Element Aisha Orymbayeva orymbayeva.aisha@gmail.com www.school-element.kz Comprehensive training of children in English, programming and mathematics
Education 06.05.2020
Mul Tamerlan Nugmanov ablaev.b@mail.ru https://mulmarket.club/ Project for food and grocery market digitalization. To join suppliers (manufacturers, distributors), sellers, couriers and buyers within one trading platform.Develop the sharing economy of courier services.
Marketing 11.04.2020
Lendingstar Slava Artamonov sa@lendingstar.com https://lendingstar.com Lendingstar is marketplace finance helping SMEs to cash in their commercial receivables within 72 hours removing tensions in the supply chain for corporates and satisfying investors of higher return and a real difference they make in somebody’s life.
FinTech 03.04.2020
Monolit Asrankul Talgat monolit.tele2@gmail.com https://1lit.kz/ Monolitapp is a social market network of builders that brings together suppliers of construction materials, works and services in its web catalog, offering the initial cost of goods without intermediaries.
Marketing 04.04.2020
TaxBot Ainura Amrina arhisaga@gmail.com no website yet Tax Bot-helps entrepreneurs understand taxes and accounting. generates documents and reports
FinTech 06.05.2020
HeliCom Peregudov Valeri
Plotnikov Alexey Valerevich tumar.idc@gmail.com
www.helicom.kz Helicopter pad (Helipad) is a complete collapsible product of full factory readiness with a complex of structures, equipment, machines and mechanisms necessary to ensure flights and operational maintenance of helicopters. It fully provides the functions of safety and technological suitability for a long service life. It is intended for placement on poorly prepared land bases, both in urban and territorial environments. Provides round-the-clock, year-round operation of helicopters of the 1st class and all lighter types.
Transportation 09.04.2020
Sensum Dulat Maratov no website yet The use of virtual reality glasses for conducting classes for students of secondary and higher educational institutions
Education 08.04.2020
Open crypto trust Mayande Walker
Andrei Kim
Arnur Amirgaliyev
https://www.openct.io/ OpenCTNet is a Blockchain based telecommunications company headquartered in Nur-Sultan Kazakhstan.  OpenCTNet was formed as a regional entity for Business Development and Operations to support software sales of OpenCryptoTrust applications.OpenCryptoTrust is a blockchain based telecommunications company developing secure software solutions.

Telecom 06.05.2020
Beesiness Alan Utegulov a.utegulov@gmail.com https://www.beesiness.ru/ "Business. Bee business" is a Board economic game that resembles the well-known "Monopoly". Here you will also have to buy assets, move around the field and even go to prison, but in General, the "Bee Business" has many more interesting mechanics and implemented mechanisms of market relations.
Gaming 08.04.2020
Aircraft engine test stand Kozhabekov Zhandos zhandoskozhabek.ge@gmail.com no website yet The project is aimed at developing and creating a test stand for aircraft engines on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Implementation of a startup includes:
1) stand design and development of normative and technical documentation;​
2) construction, installation and commissioning;​
3) obtaining the appropriate licenses, certificates and permits.​
A distinctive feature of the stand is its versatility, it is designed for testing both small and large-sized aircraft engines.
Transportation 06.05.2020
OAR Shalabekov Bauyrzhan b.shalabekov@10tech.org https://10tech.org/arhttps://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/open-pit-mining-oar/9p5tb7bl2210?activetab=pivot:overviewtab An augmented reality application designed to train managers of mining enterprises and University students in the specialty "Mining". Simulation model based on an existing iron ore quarry located in Kazakhstan (Kostanay region). The main task is to find the optimal solution for increasing the production capacity of quarry production, taking into account economic efficiency and in a given time interval
Enterprise software 07.04.2020
Paloma365 Golubev Vladislav management@paloma365.com paloma365.kz Paloma365-cloud service for automation of accounting, sales control and warehouse for catering, trade, and services. PROBLEMS IN THE MARKET:Complex accounting, theft among staff up to 20%, Waste of time on reports up to 20% of working time, Expensive purchase and maintenance of other solutions. SOLUTION to MARKET PROBLEMS: Easy and accurate accounting, Total control and personnel accounting, Functional solution for any business, Reports available at any time (cloud). Automated 6000 + objects of 70 + integrator partners in 5 countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus. 6+ years on the market.
FinTech 04.03.2020
Yemdaua Batyrov Arman armanbatyrov@gmail.com www.yemdaua.com Mobile app for increasing adherence to drug therapy. The doctor writes a prescription in the app using voice, the app offers the doctor to choose a possible set of treatments in accordance with the Protocol for treating the disease according to ICD-10 (international classification of diseases), the app offers the patient a basket of prescribed medicines analogs by INN (International non-generic name), which are available in local pharmacies, at the price of the basket and the location of pharmacies. Both the doctor and the patient are rewarded for taking the patients ' medications correctly, according to the prescription. The correct medication intake by the patient can also be monitored by third parties at the request of the patient.
Health 06.05.2020
AUKU Altynbaev Kairat www.auku.kz A platform for advertising the services of performers of the broadest profile, both private professionals and companies. Within  the mobile app, you can quickly and easily find the right performer for any type of service, from dog walking to building a house. We do not act as an intermediary between the performer and the customer, as some Internet services that charge a fee for this. The user finds a master or specialist directly and can immediately call them directly, or correspond with them in a real-time chat.
Marketing 08.04.2020
ECO Network Mukhamedzhanov Evgeni info@econetwork.kz www.econetwork.kz ECO Network is a platform for creating a new HR brand of the company and eco-image. Our service includes: training of employees, installation of eco-boxes, removal of separately collected waste, statistics and Analytics, advertising of your company. Starting from 2020, we will begin the transition of all our clients to a full-fledged Green office project.the box for waste paper and plastic does not make the company eco-friendly. Our program will allow you to move to a lean use of resources and reduce consumption. Our goal is to reduce waste from doing business
Marketing 06.04.2020
Real estate 03.04.2020
Connected Home MUKHTAR KUANYSHBAIULY ConnectedHome.kz Connected Home is a unique concept of an affordable smart home that provides security, resource conservation and comfort in your homes through smart IoT devices, while at the same time creating a smart resident ecosystem, through various services in the mobile app. We provide security with smart sensors for movement, leakage, fire and door opening. Our method of tracking energy and water costs helps you save your resources. And voice control, opening curtains and controlling TV and air conditioning will allow you to enjoy your time at home. We don't just connect all the electrical devices in your home. We also present the Connected Home app, which will give your family the opportunity to live in comfort, using the services of partners, and even help to be closer to each other through special features in the app. In this app you will be able to exchange messages, to build and keep track of family plans and tasks, cleaning and plumbing and much more.
Real estate 31.03.2020
PriceGen Kaliazhdarov Danabek
Gabdulla Azat
no website yet The PriceGen Dynamic Pricing System, using Big Data technology with machine learning elements, is specially designed to solve these problems. Firstly, the system completely automates the pricing process, freeing up expensive human resources (mainly the heads of sales departments). Secondly, the system does it better and faster than a person. Dynamic Pricing ensures a smooth increase in prices and cash flow management based on the financial needs of the project and ensures the achievement of financial indicators (financial models, profitability) in the most efficient way, and, if necessary, even extra profits (maximizing profitability). The basis of this decision is the demand for standard apartments. This helps to combat the export of liquid apartments, the introduction of various forms, increasing profitability, as well as minimizing the need for stocks. The system is built on the platform of R Studio and Shiny and is integrated with ERP support through the API.
Real estate 06.05.2020
Opera Build Akimbekov Erkin yerkin.akimbekov@operabuild.com operabuild.com The project, which was included in the top 100 best startups of Southeast Asia in 2019. This is a solution for process control in construction, which includes the following modules: Production Tracking - view the production schedule and track progress, with notifications of delays and problematic work; Quality Safety Assurance - Improving the quality and compliance with safety and labor protection requirements by fixing and eliminating comments; ManPower - provides an opportunity to see the number of contractors in real time, because the absence or insufficient number of people directly affects the productivity of the project; Materials Supply - provides the ability to order and receive material for the project team. Which improves the accounting of all purchased building materials and controls the development of the procurement plan; The knowledge base is access to collected lessons learned and routings to prevent potential errors and defects. Together, this functionality helps to reduce the cost of building an object by reducing the length of the production cycle, reducing the number of defects and monitoring of basic resources and risks.
FinTech 06.05.2020
Smart Remont Iskakov Syrymbet
Sultanbekov Edil syrymbet@smartremont.kz
https://smartremont.kz/ A platform for the sale of fine finish from the Developer or Agent (partner) and the organization of interaction of all participants in the repair process: apartment owners, repair crews, material suppliers, technical supervision, designers and internal employees. The designer, as an external module of the system, allows the client to choose repair from several packages, various in price and stylistically, and also inside each package to choose laminate options, the colors of walls, doors, tiles, sanitary ware. In addition to the repair itself, the client can choose the content of the apartment - appliances, furniture, smart home and more.
Real estate 06.05.2020
E-KCK Кozhakhmetov Tair kozhakhmetov@gmail.com https://e-kck.kz/ http://smart-house.kz/ The E-KCK system is designed to automate the sphere of housing and communal services, contains reference information, aggregated data on the housing stock, provides services that ensure effective and transparent interaction between participants in the field of housing and communal services (owners of apartments and non-residential premises, KCK, associations of property owners, service entities, management companies, enterprises that provide housing and communal services)

Home living 03.04.2020
Elivery Mukhtasyrov Aktilek aktlek@gmail.com no website yet Delivery of small orders within the city on electric motor vehicles
Transportation 04.04.2020
CapperTrophy Vyacheslav Volodin stas@belochka.kz https://cappertrophy.com/en/ The first International League of Tipsters in the world. Anyone can take part from anywhere in the world. Here you can not only find the necessary sports bets, but also practice your own tipping skills. Every month we organize competitions for tipsters on sports picks. Winners can win cash prizes. By studying the picks posted on our resource, you get a significant advantage over the bookmaker. In addition to picks, we offer odds comparison, so you can find the most attractive prices for various events among 100 bookmakers in the world.
Sports 06.05.2020
DAT Nurmagambetov Meirzhan www.datcom.kz Web / mobile application that allows you to generate, sign and manage documents in the financial and economic activities of individuals and legal entities.
Enterprise software 03.04.2020
Clockster Erzhan Ryskaliyev https://clockster.com/ Clockster - HR time management system

IOT 06.05.2020
SAccess Kanat Keldibekov kanat@saccess.co https://apartx.app/ Mobile app for rental property owners for remote apartment management using smart locks.
Real estate 06.05.2020
QMOBOT Nurgaliyev Kenzhegali Seitkaliyevich
Ospan Bauyrzhan Beibituly knurgaliev@nu.edu.kz
qmobot.com The first Kazakh startup in the field of mass robotics. Our product is a multifunctional robot and training courses that help enthusiasts acquire professional skills in IoT and IT in less than 1 year.
Robotics 06.05.2020
InFlux v6.0 Rustam influx.kz@gmail.com www.influx.psu.kz Development of supply and exhaust ventilation
Chemical 06.05.2020
HydroPlat Aidana Toleshova aidana.toleshova@nu.edu.kz https://2019.igem.org/Team:NU_Kazakhstan/Entrepreneurship Hydroplast is a unique technology that will replace the platinum electrocatalyst in hydrogen cars with biomass. Cyanobacteria developed by us are able to convert sulfide in acid-crude oil and chemical waste into elemental sulfur. The biomass is then converted into double-tinted s-N graphite materials containing elements of sulfur and nitrogen. These graphite materials were found to be superior to the current Pt / C electrocatalysts used in hydrogen fuel cells, which are used in hydrogen cars such as the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo.
Chemical 06.05.2020
8bilim.kz (LLP “BrainEdTech’, Project “Infinite Bilim”) Akzhol Zambayev 8bilim@gmail.com http://8bilim.kz/ Infinite Bilim is the platform for personalized learning. This is an education that’s tailored to the unique needs of every school student. We offer an innovative approach to teaching and modern curriculum give you the knowledge you need to make an immediate impact on your performance and the edge to conquer whatever comes next. We offer an education designed for you. Education 06.05.2020
Smart Detector Bekjan Mukatovkirxgoff@gmail.com no website yet The system turns off all electricity devices when signs of burning, gas leakage are detected and informs about an emergency situation. The system shuts off electricity according to a predefined scenario.
Security 06.05.2020
Bnect No information https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bnect/id1470205393 Mobile marketplace of parts and consumables for construction equipment Marketing 05.05.2020
Parametrica Ivan Sukhikh
https://www.parametrica.team/ Offer a different approach to financial analysis and design. Help developers to quickly analyze landplots and make schematic design cheaper with the economy calculation. Robotics 06.05.2020
Sunorak Aron Karatayev
https://aronbestaron.wixsite.com/sunorak Combining solar panels and modern technologies on your coat we create a tech improved jacket to allow you charge your devices anywhere you are using clean energy of the sun. FinTech 06.05.2020
Silkway Ventures Group Alexey Sidorov info@silkwayventures.com https://silkwayventures.com Silkway Ventures is an international, fast-growing fintech group operating in Kazakhstan and Vietnam. We provide technology-enabled and user-friendly products designed for the underserved consumers that improve financial inclusion and promote financial literacy. We operate a financial marketplace that connects consumers with banks and alternative lenders. FinTech 06.05.2020
Factory Price Dauren Mukatayev
Darkhan Ermekbayev factoryprice2019@gmail.com
www.factoryprice.kz Ths is аn Online Retail-platform for manufacturers and artisans! It is called Factory Price. We make it possible for offline sellers to sell goods easily and quickly on online market using a mobile application!  The main challenges of Retail Trade are: lack of trust and risks of the parties in online purchases.
Sellers have problems reaching their customers. Buyers don’t trust the sellers and don’t want to take risks of losing money.
As a result, only 10% of calls from advertisement boards comes as purchases.
We exclude intermediaries and let only manufacturers and their representatives work on the platform.
Marketing 14.04.2020
Egistic Zhandos Kerimkulov info@egistic.kz https://agro.egistic.kz/ Online crop monitoring platform with "digisted" database of all Kazakhstani crop fields FinTech 05.05.2020
Turaqshare Anuar Baitulakov
Askhat Sharipov anuar@turaqshare.kzo
www.turaqshare.kz Qshare - a mobile app that allows city drivers locate and park in the parking spaces near their destination point.
Qshare - airbnb for car parking.
Transportation 23.04.2020
TOP Abacus Miras Sovetov
Daniyar Amantayev miras@abacustech.co
no website yet The company is developing a system for the detection and spraying of weeds to the farmland FinTech 06.05.2020
SuperMom Victor Babachan vienna_llp@mail.ru
https://supermom.academy/ Simple and easy management of pregnency for doctors and plyclinics Health 27.05.2020
Asad Alex Pak aa.pak83@gmail.com NO Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis Health 06.05.2020
GoodPlaces (previous Pillowz) Asylbek Koshkarov info@goodplaces.kz
goodplaces.kz Rent by the hour and by the day of residential and non-residential real estate. Rental of premises for alternative use. Increase the rental yield by splitting the rent by the hour. Use smart locks and biometrics to make renting remote for the landlord and more convenient for the tenant. Contactless rentals. Travel 06.05.2020
Kid Security Talgat Ayapov
Assat Ashamanov assat@kidsecurity.net
kidsecurity.net Parenting control app that kids really like Security 10.03.2020